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Proton Demos & Apps

Experience the Proton blockchain for yourself by trying our demonstration apps.


Developer Resource Plans

Developer resource plans. Start building for free, then add a resource plan to go live. Each plan unlocks additional features.


Fastest EOSIO block explorer and wallet with transactions, accounts, tokens, prices and scatter/anchor/ledger integrations for the EOSIO blockchain.

Proton Sign

Sign documents for free on the blockchain. Super easy to use, fast and robust. Sign documents yourself, or with two or more parties.

Daily Poll

Answer a question and earn up to 500 Satoshi! Come back for a new question every day.

Jacks or Better

Play casino style video poker for free and win actual Bitcoin. Completely free to play. Come back every hour for more chances to win.


Blockchain Voting

A web application demonstrating secure and private voting on Proton Chain. Please note that this is not a real web application and is for test purposes only.

Foobar Faucet

The Foobar Faucet distributes a small amount of FOOBAR token to use in our other demos. Please note that this is not a real web application and is for test purposes only.

Taskly Demo

Taskly shows the practical usage and integration of the Proton Web SDK with simple features like authentication and transaction. Please note that this is not a real web application and is for test purposes only.

Proton VIP

A demo VIP application for users to sign up for a membership to chat with their favorite celebrities. Please note that this is not a real web application and is for test purposes only.

Looking to build on Proton? Get a grant!

Proton is actively granting exceptional developers token grants for small but meaningful projects. Talk to us on telegram, explain your idea or pick up on the dev convos and we may be able to help you with your next small project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Users will need to create a Proton account. Proton iOS or Android Wallet can be downloaded here and can be used to create an account, use apps, and play games all within minutes of installing. Some games and demos may require identity verification, something we suggest for a streamlined experienced 

Many of the Proton demos require “FOOBAR” token which can be redeemed for free here.

Proton requires that you verify your identity in certain games and apps in order to safeguard the integrity of the platform and reduce the risk of fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing, and the violation of sanctions, as set forth by regulators.

We will build a few more games as proofs of concept, but we are more interested in working with other game developers to further push the Proton Blockchain.

For demos that require payments to use services, you can pay with XUSDT (wrapped USDT token) or with FOOBAR tokens. We created the FOOBAR token on mainnet so that users may test Proton demos free of charge. Simply connect to the Foobar faucet, authenticate with your Proton wallet of choice, and click ‘Send’ to dispense 100 Foobar tokens to your wallet Users will need to wait for 1 hour from the last time they received FOOBAR before being able to claim more.

Download the Proton Mobile Wallet